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Doug Stanhope

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  2. When I spent 15 minutes trying to decide if I should follow you is when I realized I should follow you.

  3. Oh and people who actually want to achieve something with their lives.

  4. @Scott: When you want to achieve something in your life but can’t because of drugs than that pretty much says you suck at doing drugs. Or life (in which case you don’t have to blame the drug). Pick one.

  5. Cheers Leon

  6. Funny thing though, I knew Doug socially a number of years ago, and sometimes HE sucked at doing drugs. that’s the thing about drugs, it’s unpredictable. For every great show Hendrix did on acid, he did a show that sucked and there’s plenty of bootlegs out to prove it. Dealing with a drunk Stanhope also on mescaline and a sizeable amount of cocaine, all at the same time, was possibly one of the least enjoyable evenings of my life. From what I understand, he’s slowed down a lot. I’d say that would be a good call if he has.

  7. And the people who have to sit around watching the people around them completely screw themselves or die from their addictions. Like their children. His view point is very narrow in the whole scheme of things. There’s always someone that has to suffer for it.

  8. When I personally drank and drugged HEAVILY, Mitch Hedberg’s wife, who was a full on junkie at the time, said “You might tone that down…” No joke. But I was having FUN! DAMMIT! Lynn Shawcroft, she was actually a lot nicer to me than most people I actually knew. I don’t think her comedy is very funny but she’s a nice human. Was odd having a heroin addict point out that I was the person who had a problem when I wasn’t actually physically addicted to anything. Because my work was all over the map that year, depending on if things worked or didn’t.

    I found a phone and address book of people I worked with from 92 or 93 the other day, and all but 2 people in it were dead.

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