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Sorry for the lack of updates right now. I'm just a bit busy with other stuff and don't feel so inspired. But I promise that I'll be back bigger, better and filthier. Hope you understand and don't leave me forever. Keep it decadent!

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  1. don’t worry my friend, this site is the shit..! cheers from chih, mexico

  2. You deserve your own time friend, your blog always makes my day. Thanks for all the cool shit – – from texas.

  3. my neww favorite blog and youse leavin?? haha alright ill come back later bro!

  4. We all need our blogging breaks I took a 3 month vacation.
    Come back better,bigger & badder

  5. we’ll be here when you’re ready to come back!!! thanks for the entertaining posts. love from the US! <3

  6. Fuck yeah, it’s Friday!

  7. Will never leave you, your blog is the best.

    nu kör vi! woho!!
    from sweden

  8. we’ll be passing some smokes when you come back..
    do what you have to do, man. cheers!

    from the philippines.

  9. @Liquid


  10. Ta ett break i Barca med lite bra colombianskt så du laddar batterierna lite! (tips från coachen)

  11. you run a drug blog, so odds are youre a junky that would explain your absence ;p

    love the site

    from honduras

  12. I wanna read more 🙂 update when you can!

  13. luv your blog, it brightens my days and inspires my nights.
    be back soon & props from austria!

  14. Your blog is an icon for me. I use to visit it every day, but please, come already back!
    From Spain 😉

  15. … Just dont go fuckin OD on all of us, this blog always make me smile. Agreeing with Martin, if you go to Barcelona, make sure to visit Club Bagdad man haha thats good shit. Puss puss från fosterlandet

  16. blast a couple of fatties, have a pint and go smoking fucking crazy on them bastards

  17. Nu får du fan lägga av, du har varit borta aslänge.
    Har du tänkt på att vissa av oss får nödvändig näring från din blogg?
    Kom tillbaka snart // Malmö

  18. dopest shit iv ever seen. keep it up dude.
    -From Vegas

  19. Fuck yeah, it’s Friday!

  20. Thanks for all the kind words.

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