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Jack Moy & Glöden – Hummingbird Says Drink

We here at Decadent Lifestyle have the honor to present an early realese of the new EP "Humingbird Says Drink" from Jack Moy & Glöden. It will soon be available on Spotify and iTunes, but you can get it here first and absolutely for free.

It's a perfect soundtrack for your wild, drunk, never ending summer-nights. I'm sure you will like it, I do. If you want a preview before you download it, you can watch the music video to their song Humming Bird here or watch the trailer below.

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  1. Amazing ! Thanks for the present =)

    Have a decadent day 😉

  2. Didn’t like the album so much, but ‘No tomorrow’ and ‘Darling dear’ was alright!

    My favoritesong is Hummingbird, it’s the best damn song Jack have done!

  3. God damn it, you can do anything to all this fucking songs!! Good work there, Jack.

  4. Great songs all of them! probably my favorite song is No Tomorrow, This song is exactly the theme that plays in my head when me and the fellas get together with heaps of liquor and nothing but bad ideas and drunken alter egos take over. Great album all around.

  5. This EP got bad influence written all over it.
    How will my neighbours react when all they hear is about fucked things that happens when Jack drinks alcohol?
    Delivering deadly lines like “They sing drugs don’t work, but they do, they work perfectly fine for me” or how he’s sorry for getting someone’s daughter pregnant.

    Them Lyrics <3

  6. Love all the songs, but 194 is the absolute favorite since I think humminbird is better with the live version on youtube… still awesome though!

    The lyrics are amazing, can’t wait for the next album! 🙂

  7. I come here on a regular basis, haven’t ever commented. But today I woke up with a hung over that’s really awesome… just ’cause I didn’t wanted to miss this ep, been waiting since I saw the trailer you posted a couple of days ago. THANK YOU so much!! .. it’s really awesome. keep it decadent!!

    Greetings from México.

  8. no tomorrow was great hreatings from sweden

  9. To Sarah

  10. 194 and Hummingbird was OK

  11. I just loved After Rain. But the whole EP was good tbh…

  12. seriously cannot get enough of this song.

  13. Hummingbird of course 😀

  14. Awesome

  15. awesome

  16. Hummingbird!! Perfect to fill our bodies with alcohol to burn longer in hell!!

  17. I am seconding the love for the line, “They sing drugs don’t work, but they do, they work perfectly fine for me”.

    These lyrics are perfect for a night of decadence.

  18. Fantastic drinking music. Yeah.

  19. After Rain or Hummingbird.

  20. I just discovered your band thanks to the promo on the pirate bay. It is rare nowadays to hear EPs only filled with good songs like this one. Great music ! Keep it coming 🙂

  21. Great stuff guys

  22. Love it, cool, keep it up, awesome 🙂

  23. Found you guys on TPB. Great songs in this EP – and i’m not even a folk/pop fan. Keep working guys! 😀

  24. love all the songs…. you guys are going to be big 🙂

  25. Awesome band, in my opinion. I found this guys on Promobay, good work Sweden!

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