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Jack Moy & Glöden – Hold your head up

My friends in the band Jack Moy & Glöden has recorded a new single called "Hold your head up" and I've got the honor to be the first to release it. So check out the video, download the mp3 below and enjoy.

Jack Moy & Glöden - Hold your head up (5.4 MB)

If you havn't heard their first EP yet, you need to go download it here.

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  1. Fin låt och fina pojkar 🙂

  2. Men – vad menar dom – egentligen . . .

  3. Great song!

  4. Måste tacka för detta låtförslag. Underbar sång, skönt band och allmän dekadens råder nu. Skål för fan!

  5. Awesome song.

  6. is it just me or the music is damaged? it keeps repeating..

  7. Love the song, and I want one of them red and black shirts!

  8. No FLAC release? Sad.

  9. Great song will devenitly buy it when they release their Cd

  10. I love your song, keep it up. I can’t wait to listen to more of them.

  11. Any way to send them some cash so that record exec fat cats don’t take a cut of it? I want to buy it from iTunes but I’ve heard that the artist gets something like $0.37 of every $1 that is spent.

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