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What if…

If you could do any drug with any famous person from any time period, who would it be and what would you do? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. Share a pipe of opium with Darwin, to say “no worries mate you are right…”

  2. I think an acid with Johnny deep would be awesome.

  3. lsd with jim morrison

  4. cocaine with tommy lee back in the 80’s

  5. MDMA with Sasha Grey.

  6. A joint with Bob Marley.

  7. Mushrooms with bill hicks

  8. acid and joints with Bob Dylan

  9. Mescaline with Hunter S. Thompson!

  10. Shrooms with bill hicks!

  11. A pint or two with Oliver Reed

  12. cocain with joe cocker

  13. DMT with one of the old pharao’s inside the Alexandria library

  14. double vodka with Richard Harris at the beginning of the ride.. (unless got invitation to the last supper table…)

  15. LSD with Jimi

  16. Acid or Mesca with HST, for sure. Or maybe with Bukowski. The both.

  17. Blow w Sam kenison

  18. Just a simple joint with HST

  19. Any and all drugs with Hunter S. Thompson

  20. Camomile Tea with Syd Barrett in an English country garden.

  21. get high with Abe Lincoln

  22. Cocaine with Freddie Mercuy, Elton John and a piano during the glory days!

  23. Get high with any of the old warlords, a simple joint and some dinner. Like Djingis Khan, Alexander the great, Napoleon or maybe Hannibal!

  24. id like to rail a bunch of amphetamines and get rip roaring drunk with caligula, shit would end in a fight for sure.

  25. hmm

    //rum with V. Holan (you don’t know him)
    opium with Coleridge

  26. 80%indica/20%sativa with Alan Moore

  27. I’d share a few joints with Mitch Hedberg. I think I’d die laughing hahah

  28. wiskey + weed with Beth Gibbons

  29. Got to say that this one:

    “DMT with one of the old pharao’s inside the Alexandria library”

    And the MMDA with Sasha Gray are pretty fuckin’ awesome.

    But I’m gonna go for Changa in the jungle with Ernest Hemighway.

  30. Ecstasy with Will Ferrell

  31. LSD with Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters for sure.

  32. Mushrooms with Joe Rogan and Terence Mckeena then blast off while were trippin

  33. shrooms with dali and/or giger

  34. Eat the fungi, with Hendrix and have him play some chords!

  35. In danish we call it a wizard, with Jimi !

  36. LSD with Aldous Huxley at the Trinity College Library
    a cup of tea with the Queen of England at Windsor
    A pint with Shakespeare at the Globe

    one of the three…

  37. Blunts, spliffs, and jays with Carl Sagan.

  38. Bottle of black label walker and a couple blunts with ernest hemingway

  39. I got this, guys:

    MDMA with Ronald Reagan so he wouldn’t initiate the war on drugs in the US.

  40. Jack Daniels and marijuana with Slash

  41. Whiskey and ganja with the entire line-up of Led Zeppelin. Hands down.
    Though I’m also inclined to go with a variaty of “CO”s choice:
    MDMA with Jenna Jameson.
    One of the two.

  42. LSD with Alebert Einstein!

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