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Buy me a beer for old times’ sake

Buy me a beer
If you find that this site in some way has entertained your late nights or hungover mornings and you have a couple of dollars that you don't know what to do with, then you are more than welcome to donate it to me through Paypal so that I can pay for my web hosting and buy myself a beer. As thanks you get your name along with a link to your site / twitter / tumblr or whatever on the Wall of Decadence, which can give you some extra visitors. Thanks!
Wall of Decadence
Jan - 15.00 USD
Anonymous Donor 10.00 USD
Kuba - 10.00 USD
marina werneck - 5.00 USD
Ivalex - 5.00 USD
Galt Grotke - 5.00 USD
Sunzilla 5.00 USD
Nelson 2.00 USD
Croif - 2.00 USD
Miquel - 1.00 USD
Total amount 60.00 USD
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  1. Dude. Don’t be fucking always asking for money. Once a month or something. Its getting annyoing

  2. Here you go bro, cheers!

  3. Ivalex: Thanks man, thanks a lot!

  4. Ignore John. I’d buy you a beer (or two or three) any time in real life. Just come to California.


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