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  1. Every time I come to this site, it reminds me of my crazy mondays. I go to this bar called Evil Olive in Chicago, Il, where they have Porn and Chicken; a crude, lude, blackout banger.

    this is just a taste of the true craziness.

    I just wanted to say, when I visit this website, its like Im back in the dark dirty depths of evil olive. Thank you.

  2. love this website.
    so fucking beautiful.

  3. hey liebes decadent lifestyle team,

    wollte mal fragen wie das mit den rechten von den fotos ist?

    würde gern mal ein paar shirts damit machen…

    finde eure bilder echt super.


  4. you should update more 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. i hereby request a button with your weapon shield on it

  6. Its the best and most usefull website for all those bored and fucked up with their routine lives…jus keep updating and keep sharing the real wisdom of life.

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