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Contest: Win a t-shirt from Rebel Couture

Rebel Couture

Together with our new friends over at Rebel Couture we've decided to hold a contest for you guys. Rebel Couture is a new fashion label that stands for the things we like here at Decadent Lifestyle. As Thomas Jefferson once said "A little rebellion now and then is a good thing."

So go check out their stuff, like them on Facebook and then enter the contest below for a chance to get a free t-shirt.

"Rebel Couture is a young exclusive, surprising and uncompromising luxury lifestyle brand inspired by the latest fashion trends and online blogs. Only exquisite materials like Egyptian cotton are combined in our collections, featuring exceptional quality, an innovative style and the spirit of Rock 'n' Roll."

How to enter the contest:

The contest is over. Thanks for all the comments and photos.