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Bill Murray – Can’t touch this

During the production of "What About Bob" Bill Murray and 55 other people had a party on a bus and then this happened as told by Bill himself.

"We were drinking moonshine. We were near Smith Mountain Lake Virginia, and it's a county that's famous for making moonshine and we went to see MC Hammer. We ended up on the side of the stage. Let me preface this by saying I was working really hard on this movie and I didn't have time to work as hard as I could have on my laundry all the time.

So the spotlight starts creeping over and damned if he doesn't come over and do knucklehead and that kind of stuff. I said, 'I'm high on moonshine, go away.' So he comes back for the big 'Can't Touch This' number and I happen to know the entire crazy dance step.

So he makes me come up on stage and start doing the thing. Well, what the hell? I've had like four or five ounces of 190 proof alcohol. So I start doing the dance number and I'm screaming. I start pushing a little bit far and I go for some sort of advanced move and split my pants! And... I didn't have all the clothing that I have on a lot of times.

I did sort of shuffle over to the side and I staggered over to where my wife Jenny was and she was a professional costumer and she just miraculously happened to have seven massive safety pins in her pocket. So I got pinned right there and I went out and finished the number with a little bit less enthusiasm but a lot of soul."

- Bill Murray


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