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You want?

Don't forget, good photo submissions or fan signs will get you one of these.


Ho ho ho

Hi, this is the Bad Santa of Decadent Lifestyle and I have some presents for all the naughty kids. I have some buttons laying around that I thought I'd get rid of before I order new ones. So, it's giveaway-time! Mail me at and tell me why you should get one.

And by the way, next week I hopefully have another present for you.



You want a button?

This is how good you can look with the Decadent Lifestyle buttons. How do you get one you ask? Well, you have two options.

1. Submit a photo or a fan sign. If I post it, I'll send you a button.

2. Buy one here for only $2 and support the site and my alcohol budget.


Buttons just for you

Submit your photos or fan signs if you want one.


Push the button

I've had some of these buttons made and I thought I would give them away to my visitors. So the next people who send me a fan sign or a reader submission that I post on the site will get a button as thanks. Mail them to But I don't post just anything, so be creative and have some style and you probably know what I like. I will also give some away at my Facebook page, so be a fan. At the moment I only have 10 buttons, but if you like them I'll make more.