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Studio 54 – The home of decadence

“Studio 54 was the high temple of the Great Stoned Age, a nightly spectacle of wanton debauch fueled by four main ingredients - marijuana, alcohol, Quaaludes, and cocaine - all of them working toward a common end.”

- Martin Targoff


Words of wisdom – Part 2

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Charlie Sheen


Dash Snow – I digg him and his photos

Dash Snow was an American artist who lived a crazy wild life. At the age of 14 he ran away from home and began living on the streets. He began taking photographs, he said, as a record of places he might not remember the next day. Jesse Pearson, the editor-in-chief of Vice magazine and friend of Dash said "It seems to me that he packed more living into his 27 years than many people do in 80." His polaroids captures a trashy decadence of the NYC underworld.

Snow died in 2009 of a drug overdose.


Words of wisdom

To celebrate that I've created 50 of these celebrity-quote-images since the start, I thought I'd share every single one of them in one giant quote post. So here you go, words of wisdom.

Don't miss Words of wisdom - Part 2 and Part 3.



Choose Beer. Choose a bar. Choose a bottle. Choose a pint. Choose a fucking massive hangover. Choose pissing in a shop doorway. Choose disgusting food. Choose a spinning bedroom. Choose lying in gutters. Choose a police escort. Choose being sick in a taxi. Choose to miss your keyhole ten times before getting it in. Choose sleeping with ugly people. Choose drinking competitions. Choose dancing like an idiot. Choose phoning friends at two in the morning to sing to them. Choose talking to tramps. Choose bad karaoke. Choose disappointing sex. Choose beer breath. Choose empty pockets. Choose pissing every five minutes. Choose cronic stomach cramps due to excess comsumption of beer. Choose arguing with inanimate objects. Choose to laugh at unfunny jokes. Choose falling asleep in a club. Choose to argue with barmen. Choose losing your phone. Choose attempting to light a fag the wrong way. Choose to pick a fight with the biggest person around. Choose talking bullshit. Choose walking home at the end of it thinking what a fucking embarrassment you've been but then planning next weekend.........................................................

Choose you future.

Choose beer.


Beardo – Snort your drugs


Kill. Fuck. Fuck. Kill.

i kill everything i fuck


Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra