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John Belushi downs a bottle of whiskey

johnbelushi2In the movie Animal House John Belushi downs a whole bottle of whiskey. The directors had created a way to so that the whiskey would have been poured down the back of his shirt. However, John told them that he could down the whole bottle and that was declared the very last scene shot that day with him in it.

True or not, you can watch the scene here.


Sex Pistols get paid

sex pistolsShortly after signing a recording contract for £40,000, the Sex Pistols appeared on British TV. After Johnny Rotten said "shit" on the air, and Steve Jones called the host a "dirty fucker" and a "fucking rotter," the Pistols were promptly shown the door and banned from playing sixteen scheduled shows in England.

After the band vomited at the airport several days later, their label paid them £50,000 to abandon their contract.

Fortunately for the Pistols, another label stepped in and offered them a £150,000 offer. The Pistols promptly accepted and visited their new employers, spitting wine on the carpets, defecating through the windows, and having sex with the secretaries. Ten days later, the company destroyed every copy of the Pistols' record and paid them another £75,000 to disappear.

Within four months, the record industry had paid the Pistols £350,000 just to go away. "To give away that much money for nothing," Jones mused. "Classic stupidity."