Decadent Lifestyle

Ho ho ho

Hi, this is the Bad Santa of Decadent Lifestyle and I have some presents for all the naughty kids. I have some buttons laying around that I thought I'd get rid of before I order new ones. So, it's giveaway-time! Mail me at and tell me why you should get one.

And by the way, next week I hopefully have another present for you.



Push the button

I've had some of these buttons made and I thought I would give them away to my visitors. So the next people who send me a fan sign or a reader submission that I post on the site will get a button as thanks. Mail them to But I don't post just anything, so be creative and have some style and you probably know what I like. I will also give some away at my Facebook page, so be a fan. At the moment I only have 10 buttons, but if you like them I'll make more.