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Keith Richards

keith richards


Keith Richards survives

Keith Richards

“I mean some doctor told me I had six months to live and I went to their funeral.”

- Keith Richards


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Janis Joplin’s will

After an indulgent life of drugs and debauchery, Janis Joplin died at an early age. In her will, which she had written shortly before her death, she graciously left $2,500 so that "my friends can have a ball after I'm gone". Upon hearing this, Keith Richards allegedly said: "My god! Does an eight ball really cost $2,500!".

Her friends followed her wishes and threw a party in her honor at a club in San Anselmo, California. The party invitations read: "Drinks Are On Pearl".


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Keith Richards


Keith Richards


Keith Richards life expectancy

In 2004, the gerontologist Dr. David Demko once calculated the projected expiration date for Keith Richards. His findings?

  • Average life expectancy: 79 years
  • White male: –2
  • Has abused every drug known to man: –9
  • Physiological hardiness: +4
  • Smokes like a chimney: –8
  • Likes the whiskey: –4
  • Promiscuous behavior: –9
  • Strums righty: +1
  • Year of brith: 1943
  • Estimated Life Expectancy: 52
  • Projected Year of Death: 1995

Well, it's 2011, Keith is 67 years old and still alive.


Fuck yeah, it’s Friday!