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The last supper


Happy birthday Kurt Cobain!


Kurt Cobain


Kurt Cobain

"We were the chosen rejects. We chose not to be apart of the popular crowd. I mean, I can rember a lot of times the more popular people, the 'jock type' of people who were into sports, and staying clean, and brushing there teeth all the time, they always asked me if I wanted to join their little club, and i decided not to, you know, I would rather hang out with the people who didn't get picked for the baseball team, you know, who smoke cigarettes and listen to rock 'n' roll music."

- Kurt Cobain



Today it's 20 years since one of my favorite albums ever came out. Nevermind. So you can guess what I'll be listening to all day today.  Tell me, what's your favorite Nirvana lyric?


Working can wait

- Dave: We haven’t worked for two years.
- Krist: And I encourage anybody not to work.
- Dave: Working can wait.
- Kurt: Working can wait.
- Krist: I say slack off because you’re only going to be alive for 70 years, if you’re lucky, right? And we just contribute to this sick, materialistic society, so slack off. Big deal. You know, have fun…
- Dave: Smoke pot…
- Krist: Smoke pot, drink beer, booze. Inhale.
- Dave: Get each other pregnant.
- Krist: No, don’t get pregnant.
- Kurt: Yeah, reproduce.
- Krist: No, don’t reproduce.


Kurt Cobain


Rest In Peace Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain

February 20, 1967 – April 5, 1994