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Any more satisfied now?

- Interviewer: "Are you any more satisfied now?"
- Mick Jagger: "Financially dissatisfied, sexually satisfied, philosophically trying."


Lenny Kravitz’s souvenir

Lenny Kravitz was once invited to Mick Jaggers place after a gig where they had performed on the same stage. Kravitz recalled "We talked the entire night, and smoked marijuana. We shared a joint, and I kept the rest of it for almost a year. It was a sign of respect."

So why did Kravitz only keep the joint for a year? "At one point," he explained, "I had no grass at home..."


Vintage classics


Who the Fuck is Mick Jagger?

During the Rolling Stones' Tour of the Americas in 1975 Keith Richards wore this t-shirt.
It doesn't get more cocky than that.