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Words of wisdom

To celebrate that I've created 50 of these celebrity-quote-images since the start, I thought I'd share every single one of them in one giant quote post. So here you go, words of wisdom.

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  1. Finally, and easy way to searh for them.

  2. Some really good statements and a lot of complacent bullshit.

  3. Where is Lemmy?

  4. There he was.. NVM last post

  5. I love this post! Have it as a favorite 🙂

  6. What the fuck is Dennis Leary doing on there with a quote shamelessly ripped off from things Bill Hicks said (not unlike a fair portion of his act)?

  7. Barbara Krueger steez

  8. Hey well done you’ve successfully managed to horn in on the creativity of others with your own totally pedestrian and uninventive input. Why don’t you go the whole hog and print them on a bunch of shirts? Seriously, other people are intelligent and insightful. Come to terms with the fact that you are not one of those people and cease wasting everyone’s time with this banal and tawdry display.

    God, even the design and font is dull. What were you thinking?

  9. haha Nagsworth… how valuable is your time if you spend it on bitching on posters on the internet. I would not have gotten in touch with most of the quotes on the posters if they were not here, so stop caring so much about what other people does and do something yourself… asshole

  10. My time is very valuable as I am a fully qualified watchmaker. Besides which, it’s constructive criticism. It’s not like I was trolling the poor fucker with mindless abuse, is it? And I never really said my time was valuable, but that doesn’t mean I appreciate having it wasted by this tripe. I found this site through StumbleUpon and it’s ten for a penny claptrap.

    You seem like a fairly simple chap so I won’t bore you with the details of my industrious and fruitful life outside of these infrequent ventures into cyberspace to do my bit to ensure crap like this ceases to surface. The quotes aren’t even the most inspirational things to leave the lips of those who spoke them, let alone on the grand scale of the myriad of genuinely intelligent literature available online. Hunter S. Thompson is my biggest hero and it breaks my heart to see his legacy quoted on a fucking postcard like this.

  11. Nagsworth,
    First, you are right. What could be more valuable than making watches? That’s what society needs. Second, you excessively use unnecessary words in your criticism that seem only a self-assurance of your own intelligence. Don’t believe me? Read your post back to yourself, look in the mirror, and take yourself fucking seriously. Some people…

  12. At least he had an opinion your just hating on the hater which is a paradoxical and therefore hypocritical. Yes he was being judgmental of the quotes, but you are judging his entire character based on his opinion of a stumble (which i agree on these quotes and many of the celebs suck, glorifying heroin and madness is cool if your famous for the rest of us this is called being a delinquent) Some of the words he used were unnecessary? So is your pathetic existence. And for the record just cause someone uses words you don’t understand doesn’t mean they’re doing it to prove their own intelligence to themselves.
    God bless!

  13. people arguing over opinions of web pages that they stumble on is almost as funny as some of the things i stumble on in the first place.

  14. @Nagsworth

    Hey well done you’ve successfully managed to horn in on the creativity of others with your own totally pedestrian and uninventive input. Why don’t you go the whole hog and print it on a bunch of shirts? Seriously, other people are intelligent and insightful. Come to terms with the fact that you are not one of those people and cease wasting everyone’s time with your banal and tawdry criticism.

    God, even your premise and word choice is dull. Verbose, more than anything. Captain Intellect saves the legacy of Hunter S. Thompson, huh? What were you thinking?

  15. Arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics even if you win you are still retarded…

  16. Hey watchmaker man, smoke a bowl and calm the fuck down. I like HST too but he was only human like the rest of us. Don’t turn him into a celebrity please. I mean he was famous and awesome, but shut up.

  17. haha i dont give a fuck, i put no value in my time, i just like the paradox of mr important watchmaker who puts so much value in his time but yet spending it on trolling 😛

    to me, constructive critisism requires the constructive part. instead of just trolling. And yes sure, i see how this site might offend people, i see how it might be disturbing. but noone forces you to watch (haha, watch… see what i did there?) and just because you dont like drug glorification and everything that to little me seems right in this world, dosnt mean you can call me simple… altho youd probably bore the shit out of me with your life.

    And for the record, id buy a shirt with the Jimi Hendrix quote if i could. Then id walk by your watchstore or w/e just to piss you off. and that shouldnt be to hard i suppose :p

  18. I agree with most of them. Tarentino’s one is soo true

  19. Some fairly interesting quotes, finding the watchmaker trying to defend HST most amusing, just so you know he wouldn’t have given a shit that his quotes were posted on here, so neither should you, chill the fuck out and lighten the fuck up

  20. Im pretty sure his remark on being a watchmaker was a wordplay on how his time is valuable. Just 2 cents to let people know he probably doesn’t own a watchstore or anything. If he actually does, then it would be a pun.

  21. All that most of the quotes above seem to inspire is arguments, over a trivial topic. A terrific microcosm that describes perfectly humanities inability to accept and understand each others perspectives. So fight it out all you need to because in the end you will not have bettered yourself through the battling of others opinions.

  22. Some of these are good quotes (Bob Dylan, Tarantino) but some are just ridiculously stupid. Sid Vicious is a murderer; Hunter obviously needed mental help (too late! at least he has cool quotes that make us feel justified in our silly lifestyle!); and Pete Doherty must have the record for most drugs arrests WHILE going into/inside the courtroom.

  23. Dear Brombre, if youre against insanity, drugs or the sex pistols then may go back to watching How I Met Your Mother, you twat.

  24. Needs moar Nikki Sixx!

  25. I absolutely love this collection!!!!

  26. Most of these people are obnoxious douchebags and most of their quotes are trite nonsense, or at the very least, much too oft-repeated. I especially loathe the supremely overrated Bill Hicks. He never said anything that anyone with decent critical thinking skills hadn’t already.

  27. Oh, and he wasn’t funny. Suck a badger’s dick, Bill Hicks. I would say I’m glad you died young, but that left the door open for a bunch of brainless morons to place you in idol-worship for eternity. More correct to say I wish you wouldn’t have become famous.

  28. Enjoyed the collection and the comments.

    How do we know NAGSWORTH is a “he”?

  29. I bet Quinten Tarentino ripped off that quote too.

  30. Thank you!

  31. Nagsworth, I really enjoyed your posts. the denizens definitely need a dose of critical thinking now and then (mostly now). Some of these posts reminds me of a nature flick where a stuffed leopard is wheeled out in front of the primates to watch their reaction. Keep on writing

  32. The wheels on the bus go round and round. Hit it Stewy!

  33. Do you think that Stumble upon is the real one with a sense of humour?

    I hope so. Otherwise they are contributing to serious slacking.

    Thoughts anyone?

  34. I really enjoyed all posts. Thanks

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