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Happy birthday John Belushi! Rest in peace.


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Belushi’s 50-50 odds

One Friday in 1979, Keith Richards blew into town and invited John Belushi to join him at a party. The pair spent most of the night snorting cocaine. The next morning, Belushi staggered into NBC's studio at Rockefeller Center for a "Saturday Night Live" dress rehearsal. Producer Lorne Michaels was soon informed by a doctor that if Belushi performed as scheduled there was a 50-50 risk he would die. Michaels, who badly needed Belushi on camera, looked at the doctor and replied, "I can live with those odds."


Princess Leia snorts snow on Hoth

During the filming of the Star Wars movies a lot of marijuana was smoked. But the princess of princesses, Carrie Fisher, didn't stop there. While on the set of the ice planet, from The Empire Strikes Back, Carrie snorted cocaine. "I didn't even like coke that much, it was just a case of getting on whatever train I needed to take to get high." Later when filming Blues Brothers, with John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, Carrie was often drunk and did so much drugs that even Belushi was warning her that she had a problem. And you know you do to much when even Mr Excess himself tells you so.


John Belushi


John Belushi playing cocaine chicken

Among John Belushi's favorite party games was "cocaine chicken." Having cut an ounce of coke into one line several feet long, he and a competitor would start snorting from opposite ends in a race to the middle. Belushi almost always won.


Heroes get remembered, legends never die


I get high with a little help from my friends

This blog is about things that are beautiful and this clip is so freaking beautiful. It's John Belushi showing of his fantastic skills on "Saturday night live" back in 1975 by imitating Joe Cocker. The song "With a little help from my friends" was written by The Beatles and later covered and made famous by Joe Cocker. But Mr Belushi took it to another level.

The voice, the lyrics, the spot on spastic stage movements and grimaces, everything. Beautiful!


John Belushi downs a bottle of whiskey

johnbelushi2In the movie Animal House John Belushi downs a whole bottle of whiskey. The directors had created a way to so that the whiskey would have been poured down the back of his shirt. However, John told them that he could down the whole bottle and that was declared the very last scene shot that day with him in it.

True or not, you can watch the scene here.


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